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Message: it's not just bullion

it's not just bullion

posted on Feb 18, 2009 06:52AM

they manipulate shares too. here is an article from financialsense.com that details the huge short positions in the major silver mining companies, hecla, coeur d'alene and silver standard.

Burn the Silver Share Shorts -
Check Out CDE Fundamentals

And an Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi –
Speaker of the US House of Representatives

by James Anderson | February 17, 2009

Silver Investors, especially those in Silver Equities have been put to a severe test over the past 8mths. It was bad enough that the Silver bullion price was cut over 50% from US$19 in July ’08 to $9 in Nov. Silver shares started falling a lot earlier than physical from March/April ’08 & fell right out of bed losing up to 94% of their value.—and that’s just the BIG already established Companies ! A lot of smaller Co’s have been wiped out & will not recover.

There is no doubt in my mind that the above was no accident. It was in my opinion engineered by greedy, unscrupulous Wall St criminals who are allowed to do so by corrupt & negligent regulators. Those already interested & involved with owning Precious Metals are well aware of the ongoing & continuous manipulation & intervention by TPTB. It is a subject that has been well covered & we expect that the manipulators will be overwhelmed at some time & hopefully sooner than later


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