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Message: it's not just bullion

Re: it's not just bullion

posted on Feb 19, 2009 06:35PM

i think the demand for physical silver and gold is the achilles heel of the metal suppression scheme. the banks can short unlimited amounts of paper, but they can't produce bullion, and eventually that will put an end to their game.

silver coins were selling at large premiums last year until january, when the us mint released millions of silver eagles it had stockpiled. this reduced premiums for a while, but they are rising again as investor demand gobbles them up. i don't know if all the noise people have made about the comex has contributed to the rise in silver and gold.

the price of silver was driven far below the cost of production for most mines, and i think it was inevitable for the price to rise sharply from the sub-$9 level. combine mine closures (especially base metal mines that produce silver as a byproduct) with increasing monetary demand for silver, and the price has to go higher. the same is true for gold, but it wasn't as oversold as silver

i doubt the republicans would intentionally lose an election. there is too much at stake in too many other areas. but it may work to their advantage, because if the economy collapses, they will use president obama as a scapegoat and try to run against him for the next fifty years.

i only learned of this forum recently; i usually post in the sso forum, and you may find some good information there. i have written to the cftc a few times, but i doubt it does any good. but i made some videos that have gone around. this one has been viewed more than 150,000 times, so you may have seen it, but it gets my point across.


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