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Message: AM I DREAMING ?? Shows that Obama is NOT in control and the worst is yet to come

Re: AM I DREAMING ?? Shows that Obama is NOT in control and the worst is yet to come

posted on Mar 30, 2009 03:47PM

It just came back to me that such manipulation on silver by a single individual happened some 20 years ago. and brought about some changes in the rules and a indictment at the time .

If i recall the main use for silver at the time being films used for taking pictures had put Kodak in a precarious position and pushed the price of films to unprecedent levels , and the company Kodak being the largest user by far in the world complained about this manipulation wich then brought charges against that individual whose name i forgot .

Such manipulations have a history and are getting more sophisticated in a more and more complex and opaque world . Let's not forget that regulators are put in place by politicians who are suported and financed by lobbies . And commerial as well as finacial laws are written by major players of any given industry before they are passed by lawmakers .

T he possibility that a relatively small market such as silver or gold be manipulated by major players through sophiticated tools is not beyond me and the above article though too complex for me to fully understand, seems to point out some interesting facts about a few banks being in close communication with converging interests and all the special tools and especialy a privilaged acces to such markets . Ther's an expression in french that says " THE OCCASION MAKES THE THIEF " or otherwise said the " thief rises to the occasion " .

As was said in that artical i think those points to circumstancial evidences , many in other circumstances with less power and clout , have paid deerly in such circumstancial evidences for miner crimes , but bankers should get away with it with more money and just another stain on a already bad reputation . Do i ear cynism in those words ?

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