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posted on Mar 31, 2009 09:00PM

One more stone into the pound of human evolution and why not on the head of the COMEX manipulators


I believe we are all dust in the wind , magical dust sparkling in the vastnes of eternal night .

All of a sudden i recall a song i truely loved when i was a younger man, it goes this way : In the year 2525 if man is still alive , if woman can survive ... they may fight, in the year 3535 ain't goin' a need to tell the truth tell a lie... Now it's been 10,000 years man has cried a billion tears...for what he never knew , now man's brain is through .

Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end we sung and danced forever in a day....

I do not intend to gather people for a cause , i speak my mind for myself i state my purpose clearly 'cause i aim at freedom , personal freedom that no one can give me or promise me . My responsability towards humanity is no more then anybody else's responsability , and like most people i claim the right to share the only riches i truely posess, with the ones i love , the ones i care the ones that are the only true human beings i know of .

I denounce greed and people heavy with their self importance here or elsewhere as i have done all my life 'cause i despise people who enslave others , and i do it here as elsewhere when the situation requires or is appropriate, as part of my responsability towards others to act with generosity and without pretending to have the right answers . Though sometimes i do it with more force then si hould , and not as much intellectual honesty as i wished . I have a gret deel to learn and when i realise my mistakes i try to start agin and do better .

I believe no man has any authority on any other. The structure of our societies are abherrant to me and i can only explain it by the heritage of thousands of years of slavery .

What we call freedom is but a shadow of it , people's spirit enslave each others through sheme and make belief , promises and engagements we can't keep , in the end our word is worthless 'cause we can't keep it in the face of so much contradictions and so little time to accomplish both our dreams and our promises .

Meanwhile time , precious time eludes us and our lives end having accomlished nothing more then what countless generations of slaves have accomplished , serving our masters whether they are humans or mirage created by our minds and reproducing ourselves with the illusion of sharing a peace of eternity through our children .

I have no claim to power or recognition they are slave tools . I care not for supporting a political or social cause because the riches i'm talking about are whatever little time i have left to spend here on this incredible planet and the little energies i have left to share the beauty of this world with the ones i love .

Destiny brought me here to compensate for the folies of so many ... slave-kings thinking they are acting like gods and even some times in their names...

And if by any twist of alienation they have anything to do with any such creatures man can call god , then for sur they are the gods of war and destruction .

Someone , in this forum i mostly enjoy , told me or rather wrote me that all thrut are not good to be told . Well i keep speaking my mind truely following his advice 'cause i have no claim to the truth . I barely have a very limited perception of a world i can not pretend in any way to comprehend .

So i would not dare to tell anybody to follow my lead and even less so ask them to precede me into the unknown that lies ahead of me . But i believe i have given my share to this board as much as i believe my responsability as a member benefitting from it requires, hoping i will have given more then i will take .

But if a crusade is undertaken to overthrow the king in order to abolish all kings then i am of this crusade and indeed i participate in a small way to many such crusades but my heart tells me it has never been accomplished without replacing the king by another one , i believe thousands of years will be required for humanity to rid itself of the illusion that it needs a king and i have no illusion as to whether i will be there then , so i will stick to my path while giving to the spirit of men in a small measure . But mostly i will fight my ennemies seek knowledge and protect my beloved on my way to free myself , if only for a moment before i die .

I have no reasons not to wish you well in your undertaking , go ahead and throw one more stone into the pound one day it will be filled .

Heyy ha !

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