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Message: CKR Carbon to use Aukam Graphite in Graphene Production

Mr. Sheldon Inwentash reports


CKR Carbon Corp. has executed a letter of intent with a leading European manufacturer of graphenes (EMG). Under the terms of the letter of intent, CKR and EMG will begin a materials commercial application program. The purpose of the program is to formally cultivate and exploit the Aukam graphite to facilitate the production of graphenes for large volume mass-market applications.

This LOI follows the completion of a comprehensive two-stage discovery exercise of the Aukam graphite by EMG. Stage one confirmed that the Aukam graphite met the demanding standards required to convert the Aukam graphite to graphenes employing EMG's proprietary process to synthesize surface modified graphenes. Stage two was based on "consequential analysis"; whereas the graphenes derived from the Aukam graphite were included within several "proof of concept" components namely glucose sensors, a sub 5 ohm conductive ink and a range of elastomer prototypes including tyre tread rubber related elastomers.

Under the terms of the agreement, CKR will provide Aukam graphite to EMG and EMG will provide modified graphenes to CKR. EMG will also include the graphenes for field-testing to their current customer base to further evaluate and confirm the benefit of the material for mass-market high volume applications.

Following successful completion of the materials development program, CKR intends to acquire state of the art plant and equipment and secure a collaborative licensing agreement to exploit predetermined fields of application. The proposed acquisition of plant and equipment along with the license agreement will facilitate CKR's intent to exploit the licensed technology to manufacture surface modified graphene related products for commercialization on an industrial scale.

"This LOI is the first step in what we believe will be a significant move by CKR into a fully integrated operation and downstream commercialization of high value graphene based components for a range of mass market products using Aukam graphite," said Sheldon Inwentash, Executive Chairman of CKR Carbon. "We are very excited by the potential of our collaboration with EMG and look forward to working together to develop the markets for our graphite."

About the Aukam Project

CKR has, through a binding Farm Out Agreement with Next Graphite Inc., an option to acquire 63% of the Aukam graphite project by meeting certain milestones and making cash payments. It also has the option to buy an incremental 10% of Next's remaining interest in the License subject to agreement by Next. CKR has acquired 52% of the project and expects to acquire the full 63% in the near future..

CKR is currently undertaking technical studies to support an application for a mining license. The company maintains high safety and environmental standards and has a comprehensive strategy of social engagement.

About CKR Carbon Corporation

CKR Carbon Corporation is focused on high quality, natural graphite suitable for use in value-added high growth technology applications. The company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol CKR.

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