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The information below has been obtained from hundreds of sources and should be accurate, but will be updated as more information is available:

CMKX/101047025 ownership of other companies:
(Please note the % in the braket is from the 22.5% UCAD ownership below)
25%(+%11.5) GEMM - Juina Mining (Nov.18/04 95Mil shares+ Nov.30 127Mil shares) Of which: Diagem is 49% owned by GEMM - super rich copper vein
12.5% Shane Resources (not Shore Gold)
10% CIM - Casavant International Mining - Royalty(Zinc)
100% CMKXTreme
80% ECPN - El Kapitan Mine "Cod River Mining 13 Claims in AZ"
60%(+%9) Nevada Minerals - 500K Acres - Athabasca Basin mine - Uranium
80% Yellow River mine - Gold
22.5% USCA/UCAD - U.S. Canadian Minerals
(+18%) COD Mine
(+%22.5)Nevada Magnetics
(+18%) Properly 1000 (Brazil Diamond mine - Diagem)
-CMKX owns 36.5% of GEMM, GEMM owns 49% of of Property 1000 (Diamonds in Brazil), hence CMKX owns 18% of Property 1000.

Money obtained:
USCA $3Mil+$2.5Mil+(7.5Mil*3) shares
CYXG $2Mil*10% + 2.5Mil shares
Shane Resources $300K (82 Falcon Claims)
SGGM $10Mil

Other Companies ownership in CMKX:
9.16% USCA
10% Shane Resources

Shares distributed:
75Bil Nevada Minerals
40Bil CIM

UCAD owns:
51% of GEMM
80% of COD Mine
40% of 500Acr Nevada Minerals
15% of CMKX
100% of Nevada Magnetics

Drilling progress:
Hole #1 - kimb intersected 428ft
Hole #2 - S of#1 at 247ft
Hole #3 - E of#1 no intersection
Hole #4 - Wof#1 at 206 ft
Hole #5 - Nof#4 at 226ft
Two have already been identified as containing diamonds, and rumors are that the other two had the geologists eyes light up.

101059297 - cmkm - urban
101010307 - sask ltd - cmkm/nevada cindy casavant
101047025 - Sask Ltd - emerson koch - are also CMKX Claims
101023310 - Sask Ltd - david dillard and rick kusmirski - are also CMKX Claims

Straight from the article some basic analysis of DIAGEM which CMKX is part owner:

The average grade was calculated by digging out 22 bulk gravel samples and processing 2,452cu.m. (n 5,000 tons) of gravels to yield 2,492.87 carats of diamonds for an average grade of 1.02ct/cu.m. The volumetric ratio (volume of sample to volume of resource) was 1:408, well in excess of the 1:5000 and the1:1,000 ratios that are the standard ratios for a resource to be qualified as valid.

2,452diamonds/ 5,000 tons

As per URL:

1 ton = 2.831 684 7 meters^3
Therefore 1.02ct/m^3 = 2.07ct/ ton








Shane Resources


Consolidated Pine

New Video on the posibility of Oil in the Athabasca Basin:


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