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An international mineral and specialty drilling services provider headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbia

Cabo Drilling Profile

With active operations in seven countries and over 400 employees, Cabo Drilling has established a presence not only in mineral exploration hot spots throughout North America, but also in Albania, Liberia, Spain and Panama – gateway locations for further international expansion into North Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America.

With a well established national base in Canada, Cabo Drilling has been successfully expanding its services in key international arenas over the past three years. It is anticipated that the international operations will contribute a growing percentage of the Company’s total revenue stream as the drilling fleet based in Albania, Panama and Spain continues to grow, with 10 drills added to the international fleet in 2007 and 12 more to be added by the end of 2008.

Cabo’s expansion, realized through the hard work of all Cabo’s employees, the significant support of Cabo’s customers and the continued growth in worldwide demand for most precious, strategic and base metals, comes on the tail of a year of significant performance gains in fiscal 2007. In fiscal 2007 drill utilization increased to 60% at year-end, equating to a 34% increase in gross revenues to $38.45 million, compared to $28.79 million in revenues in fiscal 2006; nine drills were either acquired or completely rebuilt; and Cabo’s work force grew by over 20%.

Cabo Drilling plans to carry this momentum into 2009, with improved utilization of existing rigs, modernization and standardization of the entire drill fleet, and expanded regional operations in Albania, Mexico, Panama, Liberia, Spain and the United States.

With strong long-term demand projected for international mineral drilling services, due to the number of well financed mining and exploration companies seeking drilling services, constantly improving operational efficiencies, increasing drill utilization with a higher percentage of long-term contracts and a revolutionary approach to customer service, Cabo Drilling continues to strive towards its ultimate vision: to be one of the leading global mineral and specialty drilling services providers.

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