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This is Greg McCoach with a Mining Speculator Hotline for Monday July 15, 2013.
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  • Canadian Zinc Progress

Canadian Zinc Progress

I wanted to update subscribers on everything I know about the progress of the final permit for Canadian Zinc.

Many thought last week's major announcement should have pushed CZN's stock over the C$1.00 level in anticipation that receipt of final permit, at this point, seems likely. But in our tough market conditions, it appears nothing short of the actual issuance of the permit will suffice for justification of higher prices.

However, make no mistake about the significance of this event for CZN; receipt of the Class A Water License (which is the final permit) is a big deal. Even with our horrendous market, I can't imagine that in the immediate term, after the final permit is issued, our share price isn't at least C$1.50 per share. It should be much higher than that, but we should at least clear the $1.50 level to start things off.

Then, as the market recovers and news about how things are going to proceed regarding the mine, our share price should strengthen at much higher levels. How high will be dependent on what our recovery in the market looks like, and what type of news is generated.

If and when the permit is received, I expect that the next major news would be information regarding how the mine will be financed. I don't see this as a problem as many mining entities and the Chinese will be highly attracted to this resource.

But first things first, I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves.
For now here is where I think we stand.

The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board has completed its regulatory process for the issue to Canadian Zinc Corp. of a Type A water license for the company's wholly owned Prairie Creek mine in the Northwest Territories, and has forwarded the license to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada with the recommendation that the minister approve and sign the license.

"This Type A water license is the key regulatory permit needed for the construction, development and operation of the Prairie Creek mine," stated Alan B. Taylor, chief operating officer and vice-president of exploration for Canadian Zinc.
"The successful completion of the regulatory process is the culmination of many years of effort by the Canadian Zinc team, the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, the various government agencies and all the stakeholders in the region. The positive recommendation of the water board demonstrates that a broad consensus has been achieved through the process and we look forward to receiving the approval of the minister and the issue of the water license in due course," added Mr. Taylor.

Upon receipt of ministerial approval, the new Type A water license MV2008L2-0002 will permit Canadian Zinc to conduct mining, milling and processing activities at the Prairie Creek mine site, use local water, dewater the underground mine, and dispose of waste from mining and milling.
I want to give subscribers some insight into this final step for receipt of the water license.
The decision is now in the hands of the Federal Government in Ottawa. It is controlled by the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. The Minister's name of this Ministry is Bernard Valcourt and he is the ultimate decision maker for our final permit.

Mr. Valcourt is with the Progressive Conservative party, (the equivalent of Republicans in the U.S.). They are the political party currently in power in the Federal Government. This party wants to responsibly move mining and industrial growth forward in the Northwest Territories for the benefit of First Nations and northern residents of Canada. Personally, I believe this is a huge WIN/WIN for everyone involved.

While there is not an exact time table for the issuance of the Class A Water License, 30 to 60 days is given as a general frame of reference, though a decision could come at any point.
What is interesting is that on August 23 thru 27 next month, there is an Energy & Mines Minister Conference being held in Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories. This conference is held every year at a different location and this event has not been held at Yellow Knife since 1996.

In attendance at this event, which is highly political, will be various resource based companies including Canadian Zinc, key management of CZN, and important dignitaries. You can view the details of this conference at the following website:

From a political standpoint, what a place this would be to make an announcement for issuance of a Class A Water License for the Northwest Territories benefiting First Nations and northern residents of the area. I am just guessing, but I am looking at this time frame as a possibility for receipt of final permit.

Whether that turns out to be the case or not we will have to wait and see, but I am very encouraged by what I see.

CZN is a BUY in this wretched market of ours in hopes we can have something go our way for a change within the portfolio.


- Greg

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