Cañariaco Deposit in Lowest Quartile of Copper Industry Production Costs

9 Billion Pounds Copper 2 Million Ounces Gold 54 Million Ounces Silver

Message: Client Feature: Candente Copper Owns A World Class Copper Deposit In a Copper Bull Market


The 4 Reasons Candente's Canariaco Copper Deposit is A World Class Asset

Candente Copper (TSX: DNT, BVL: DNT) owns 100% of a copper deposit in Peru it is in the process of developing for a production scenario.

Candente owns a large, economic, copper ore body in Peru waiting to be mined. Cañariaco Norte is a 100% owned feasibility-stage porphyry copper deposit.

Simply put, it is a mountainous rock body that holds 7.5 billion pounds of copper and has had multiple scientific studies propelling it along the way toward production. Strengthened by Goldman Sachs belief it is one of the top 80 copper deposits yet to be exploited and strategically guided by Australian Iron Ore giant Fortescue’s 19% inside ownership, Candente has the lowest quartile production costs that make it an intriguing project today and a must have for tomorrow.