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Message: Candente Copper announces Election of Directors and Voting Results for the 2022 Annual General Meeting

Candente Copper announces Election of Directors and Voting Results for the 2022 Annual General Meeting

posted on Jun 23, 2022 07:03AM

Candente Copper Corp. (TSX:DNT, BVL:DNT, US:CCOUF) ("Candente Copper" or the "Company") announces the voting results for its Annual General Meeting of shareholders held on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A total of 100,117,276 common shares, representing 37.12% of the Company's outstanding shares were represented at the Meeting and all motions put forward were passed.

The following sets forth a summary of the voting results:

Number of Directors

The number of Directors was set at seven.

Votes For: 97.32 %
Votes Against: 2.68 %

Election of Directors

The following nominees were elected as Directors to hold office until the next annual meeting of shareholders of the Company or until their successors are elected or appointed.

Directors Votes For Votes Withheld
Joanne C. Freeze 39,159,070 (42.12%) 53,805,373 (57.88%)
Sean I. Waller 39,046,670 (42%) 53,917,773 (58%)
Giulio Bonifacio 92,537,775 (99.54%) 426,668 (0.46%)
George Elliott 39,095,430 (42.05%) 53,869,013 (57.95%)
Andres J. Milla 38,251,030 (41.15%) 54,713,413 (58.85%)
Christine Nicolau 91,968,670 (98.93%) 995,773 (1.07%)
Luis Miguel Inchaustegui 92,593,074 (99.6%) 371,368 (0.4%)

In accordance with the Company's Majority Voting Policy, the Company anticipates that each of Joanne C. Freeze, Sean I. Waller, George Elliott and Andres J. Milla will offer their resignation as a Director of the Company, as each of these persons received a greater number of votes withheld than votes in favour of their election as a Director. Following the Company's receipt of these resignations, the Company's Board of Directors will determine whether or not to accept the resignations in accordance with the Majority Voting Policy, with each of the Directors who have offered their resignation abstaining from the decision-making process.

Appointment of Auditor

Kreston GTA LLP were appointed as Auditors of the Company for the ensuing year at a remuneration to be fixed by the Directors.

Votes For: 99.75 %
Votes Withheld: 0.25 %

About Candente Copper

The Company's flagship project is Canariaco, within which Canariaco Norte, is the 10th largest late-stage copper resource in the world and 5th highest in grade (RFC Ambrian, December 2021 and Haywood, December 2021). In addition to Canariaco Norte, the Canariaco Project, includes the Canariaco Sur deposit and Quebrada Verde prospect, all within a 4km NE-SW trend in northern Peru's prolific mining district.

The Company is very pleased to now have Canariaco Norte included in 4 research reports that compare various global copper projects. RFC Ambrian: Canariaco Norte in top 10 of 23 projects with potential to involve third party M&A (December 2021); Haywood: Canariaco Norte is one of 18 assets selected as likely to be considered by majors looking to acquire (December 2021); Deutsche Bank: Canariaco Norte identified as one of 3 projects required to meet the upcoming copper supply-demand gap (February 2021); Goldman Sachs: Canariaco Norte identified with incentive copper price in the lowest quartile of the top 84 copper projects worldwide (October 2018).

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