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Camino Rojo Mexico : In-situ - 4.0 million ounces gold; 68.32 million ounces of silver.

Message: Late Sunday (oops its Monday) thoughts from Vegas

life is good

I arrived Sunday 1 PM and checked things out only to discover that because of promotional gobbly-gook from the Vegas show promoters, my late registration and Monday ONLY stay resulted in my missing the EXHIBIT HALL opening. I found outthat it was scheduled for Tuesday and I would miss visiting the Canplats booth and meeting management. I am not happy.

I was told by the show promoters that to entice registration they did not list the schedule details for the show on their website. They did not email the schedule of the show schedule after my registration, again to make sure I attended. The Monday "Opening" day had nothing of substance scheduled, hardly an Opening! Just another day to tack on to the hotel bill... I could not stay until Tuesday.

I emailed Blake Monaghan, who only received the details from show promoters in the last few days, he replied that he would arrive Monday 4:30 to 5 PM with Bruce Youngman coming Tuesday morning. Looked like I would miss them both. I resolved to still complete what I come to Vegas for, even though a personal connection looked unlikely.

I phoned Bruce Youngman to ask questions from some of you and ask some of my own, this is what I learned.

Bruce confirmed that the information I posted, covering the May 1 visit by several analysts was substantially correct. The "fault" is now a linear, or lineament and its nature and role in the deposit is unclear, typically big deposits end up having numerous structures passing through them. The new IP shows both "strong" zones, Represa and Don Julio, are connected, contained within one chargeability halo. It does not appear to be a bounding structure (did I just understate that enough?)... :-)

Tensor IP survey technology has just been deployed and large areas will be surveyed using this multiple array, multiple channel reconnaissance GP method. This is an efficient and versatile method for surveying large blocks of ground, cheaply and quickly.

These surveys will be used to inform the choice of collar locations of future drilling in Represa, Don Julio and to map other local targets identified in previous GP (IP and magnetic) surveys. Geochemistry is being used but Bruce would not comment on the alteration patterns, geochemical pathfinders, data collection details or gold grain-size, for now. He did say that they are preparing documents and graphics for release soon on the Company website that would cover most of my questions. Some details will remain confidential for obvious prudent reasons.

CRD-9 collar location was chosen because it was along the trend of the IP halo and still close enough to "mother" to follow indications from CR-32.

Camino Rojo is their focus for the foreseeable future. I did not ask about the timing of the next NR, nor did I think he would comment if asked... good policy but makes for anxious impatience at times.

I worked in Vegas for 3 years with Viceroy Resources and am long board with the Casino scene and would rather buy this stock then feed the slots. So I wandered around the casino, ate too much buffet, had a celebratory cigar and cocktail... life is not always what you expect but good.

I do allow myself $20 on the big jackpot progressive MEGABUCKS $1 slots... won a $500 jackpot that paid for my trip!

Leaving the hotel at 3:30 PM, I went by the exhibit hall one more time, bags in hand, on the odd chance and found Blaine Monaghan! We talked for about 20 minutes before I had to catch my airport shuttle. We covered the things I had asked Bruce and the story was the same... damn exciting and getting better! Still largely unrecognized by investors but the majors have been knocking on the door AND company is in no hurry to answer it.

I did ask about the next NR having hoped for one that would coincide with the show. He was great... only indicating that they timed NR based on factors other than this show and assured me they would be forth coming... Well at least I asked.

Life IS good!

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