Significant gold resource - Excellent infrastructure

Camino Rojo Mexico : In-situ - 4.0 million ounces gold; 68.32 million ounces of silver.

Message: June 25th: 20 new drill results

The best news is that Canplats has announced that they have COMPLETED the infill drilling on Represa for the 43-101 estimate of the Represa oxide zone. The results don't contain any disappointments, just more confirmation of the amazing continuity of grades within the oxide zone. CR-74 is especially nice in that it indicates good values are found on the eastern portion of the oxide zone! Open, open, open and more step-out drilling to be done! It is the news of completion of this resource drilling program is what is carrying the stock a little higher today, at the time of this post, IMO.

Now our focus shifts to Don Julio and the zone that is west of the Represa fault. Bruce Youngman indictated that once the Represa resource drilling was completed, the RC rig would be used to explore the surface zones of promising targets outside of the Represa oxide zone, so there is no doubt that we have entered a new chapter for Camino Rojo that will be written by the drill-bit. There is still more drilling to be done in Represa so there is really no predicting what the priority will be for the RC rig.

On the 43-101, a resource estimate by an independent entity of the oxide will replace our back of the envelope estimates of grade and tonnage with a bankable view of the surface zone of this deposit. I think that this will open doors to a number of positive events; moving the stock off the Venture and on to the NASDAQ or other exchange, allow institutional investors to invest with more confidence, polish the apple for any potential suitor. all of which should enhance the stock value to the levels that the newsletter writers and the paid investment consultants of the world have predicted, Cannacord being the most visible to date with a target of $7.25. So the 43-101 should propel us to the new highs we envision without any further news on other targets, IMO the 43-101 takes us to a new level. I think we may see the report within 3-4 months, before the predicted "end of the year" comment made at the Vancouver show. I have no way of knowing this, just a prediction.

On the other targets close to Represa and far afield; What can be said? IMO, shared by many, the preliminary evidence (GP) is very promising. Don Julio looks to be the "Azul" to the Penasco diatreme at the Penasquito mine. In the GG feasibility study, they include an image of the 2 diatremes encased in a halo zone of zinc values, this is surprisingly similar to the IP chargeability halo that encases Don Julio and Represa. The Penasco diatreme is a phreatomagmatic diatreme because it contains intrusive (volcanic) lithologies and the Azul diatreme is more likely a phreatic breccia zone caused by heat surges from the intrusion event, without the magmatic (volcanic rock) component. It is common that diatremes occur in clusters (twins is nice!) and there is a good chance that Don Julio is Represa's twin. We have yet to learn if it is the "identical" twin (phreatomagmatic) of Represa or a "paternal" twin (phreatic). The exciting clue is that grade seems to improve as drilling moves westward from the Represa fault.

Hang on to your hats, we are in for more suspense and periods of no news that will drive us collectively nuts waiting for word on the nature of Don Julio. With the current passage of time since the last report of DD results, the first page of this new chapter may come sooner than later, I am already full of positive anticipation waiting for this news.

Not investment advice, search your own anxiety and research to make your choices. Long, Long, Long, as a wise man has posted here, the accumulation of wealth comes with patience, persistence and knowledge, thank you Rickmm!

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