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Message: For the 2 other Chart Gurus

For the 2 other Chart Gurus

posted on Aug 19, 2008 12:46PM

I see this comming to pass.

"My thoughts are the USD will continue to advance to the 79-79.9 level before topping out and heading lower within the consolidation level defined within the thought triangle forming mentioned in Figure 6."

"So, it seems a sharp decline in the USD is going to happen 4-6 months from now, or postponed until mid summer 2009"

"My thoughts are that some form of a non-limiting horizontal triangle is forming that will carry into early 2009 before heading sharply lower. Should the USD continue to meander sideways for another 10 months, "Katie bar the door" because the price of gold will explode to levels even I can not even fathom. for the move to continue heading up to 79-79.9 before declining back down to 72-72.5. Longer term, the pattern for the USD just got extremely bearish, because the present larger degree wave structure calls for two more waves down, implying a final bottom anywhere between 40-55 on the index. We will try to zoom in on the expected bottom for the USD and when it will occur. The area of 2012 appears to be the likely bottom...but a refined answer will be presented in the coming weeks."

I doubt this will come about from good news out of the USA... But from bad news everywhere else.

If this does happen I guess we will have more time to buy Silver and Gold at cheap prices... That is if we can find it.

Hopefully CPQ will be much higher so the smart ones can skim off a little butter to buy some physical!!!

This is another good read!!!

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