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Global Leaders in Mobile  ECG Connectivity

  • 20 years of medical credibility licensing technologies to hospitals, physicians, remote patient monitoring  platforms, research groups and commercial call centers
  • Sold into > 20 countries, with the largest customer base located in the US
  • Class II medical device clearances and device agnostic for collecting, viewing, recording, analyzing and  storing of ECGs for management of patient and consumer health
  • ECG solutions for both consumer (OTC) and medical (Rx) markets
  • Market expert contributor for reports in mÔÇÉhealth, mobile cardiac monitoring and new advances in  consumer health and wellness monitoring

Recent Highlights

Quebec Pharmacists Launch ECG Screening for the Prevention of Drug Induced Sudden Cardiac Death

  • Confirms the start of a pharmacy-based ECG monitoring service to screen for prolonged QT interval for the prevention of drug induced sudden cardiac death.
  • Under the Company’s Allied Health Professional Partner Program, the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat and GEMS™ Mobile Smartphone app will be used to collect ECGs recorded by patients under the direction of a pharmacist.
  • Recorded ECGs will be passed from the GEMS™ Mobile app to the Company’s SMART Monitoring ECG reading service to be triaged.
  • All findings will be sent directly to the pharmacist and any submitted ECG recordings that show a presence of prolonged QT interval or any other cardiac arrhythmia will be flagged so that the pharmacist may then follow up as needed with the patient’s treating physician.

CardioComm Solutions to Bring ECG Monitoring to Remote Patient and COVID-19 Monitoring Platforms

  • Entered into a technology integration agreement with LiveCare Corp. and a Value-Added Reseller and Distribution Agreement with Alliance Tele-Med, to provide integrated ECG monitoring through the LiveCare Link+ device and telemedicine platform.
  • CardioComm confirms integration of their FDA and Health Canada cleared GEMS™ ECG management software, the wireless HeartCheck™ CardiBeat ECG monitor and access to the SMART Monitoring ECG reading service into the Link+ platform has been completed.
  • Under the agreement, the GEMS™ Mobile app technology was embedded into the Link+ gateway device allowing ECGs to be transferred through the Link+ platform to the CardioComm SMART Monitoring ECG reading service.
  • Once an ECG report is completed, the report findings are then securely transmitted to the Link+ platform and from there to the Link+ platform’s remote patient monitoring teams.

CardioComm Solutions Partners with CareOS to Bring Consumer ECG Monitoring into the Connected Home 

  • Entered into a partnership agreement with CareOS SAS (France), a subsidiary of Baracoda Group ("CareOS"), to provide consumer ECG monitoring technologies through the CareOS Poseidon smart mirror health and beauty hub
  • Partnership will see CardioComm's FDA and Health Canada cleared GEMS™ ECG management software and Smart Monitoring ECG reading service integrated into the touch and gesture controlled smart mirror
  • Smart mirror was also awarded the Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award in the Smart Home category for a second consecutive year.

Physician Groups Order The Heartcheck(TM) Cardibeat For In-Home Arrhythmia And Atrial Fibrillation Monitoring

  • Confirms market traction with orders being placed by physician groups for the newly launched HeartCheck™ CardiBeat Handheld ECG monitor and GEMS™ Mobile Smartphone app for prescribed in-home arrhythmia monitoring
  • Partners in Advanced Cardiac Evaluation, the largest arrhythmia practice in Ontario (Canada) placed a first order of the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat Handheld ECG monitors and is recommending its patients to use the devices for one year of in-home, self-monitoring with an emphasis on detecting a recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation  following cardiac ablation treatment for AF

CardioComm Collaborates with ZANA Technologies GmbH to Integrate Mobile ECG Management and Smartphone App Technologies

  • CardioCommn and Karlsruhe, Germany-based start-up ZANA Technologies GmbH ("ZANA") confirm entering into a business collaboration where CardioComm's GEMS™ ECG reviewing and HeartCheck™ ECG monitoring technologies are being evaluated to support ZANA's novel, voice-directed, remote patient monitoring and patient management platform
  • ZANA has decided to partner with CardioComm Solutions and its HeartCheck™ CardiBeat ECG device and GEMSTM software solutions to be evaluated by multiple medical centres throughout Europe in ZANA's bid to become a preferred vendor for telemedicine solutions for monitoing a patient's post-hospital discharge.

CardioComm Solutions Secures New Health Canada Device Clearance and Exclusive Canadian Sales Rights for US Medical ECG Device Manufacturer

  • Device certification to meet underserviced Canadian market needs for long-term, remote ECG recording and ECG management software solutions.
  • Under the multi-year, renewable agreement, CardioComm assumes the role of exclusive Canadian distributor of the Datrix ECG recorders under the GEMS™ Sirona brand device.


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