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Paramagnetic Beads and QL Analyser are Proprietary Products

Cardiogenics Holdings Management

Yahia Gawad, MD

Founder, Director & CEO

A co-founder of Syn X (previously Skye Pharmatech) where he held the position of Vice-President, Medical Affairs and prior to that, he was Director of Clinical Research at Spectral Diagnostics Inc. Dr. Gawad is a Physician/Scientist with primary training in Cardiology, Biochemistry and Immunology.

Linda J. Sterling

Secretary & Director

Joined CardioGenics in 2001 and has served as a Law Clerk with both Stikeman Elliott LLP and Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP since 1999. She is licensed as a Legal Executive (F.Inst.L.C.O.); with the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario, of which she is a member. She has held the position of CEO and director of Sterling Studios since 1989.

Neil Tabatznik

Acting Chairman & Director

Joined CardioGenics board in 2003. He is the Chairman, CEO of Arrow Pharmaceuticals Inc., a generic drug company established in 2000. Prior to Arrow Pharmaceuticals, he was Chairman, CEO of Genpharm Inc. (1993-2000), which was acquired by Merck KGaA in 1994 and is now a part of Mylan Inc. He was a Barrister-at-Law in London and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1978.

James A. Essex

Chief Financial Officer

Joined CardioGenics in 1999. He founded Hunter & Associates Inc. in 1990, a private financial consulting firm. Previously, he was a co-owner, President and COO of Calais Investigations, Inc., a private company (1993-1998), a Vice President of Confederation Trust (1989) and a Vice President of Chemical Bank of Canada (1977-1987)

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