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Message: The company's market: Global Cell users (1 Billion +)

The company's market: Global Cell users (1 Billion +)

posted on Nov 20, 2009 01:02PM

Here's my nutshell BUY comment:

the efficiency and simplicity of the technology which directly supports, virtually without competition, the inevitable migration, in progress, of well over (and growing) a billion cell phone users to 3/G and 4/G services is simply staggering in my opinion and the potential for investors is equally so.

take a quick look at the numbers

with even a modest share of that market (they hold the patents on this technology)

your calculations should lead you to see the massive risk:reward on this still speculative investment

I believe this product will be offered worldwide within the year...

now look at today's stock price: .16

any news could drive this thing up much higher very quickly

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