Challenger is now part of Canadian Superior

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posted on Feb 09, 2009 05:42PM

Canbriam has been expanding into several prospective markets all within the last year...1st Montney, recently Utica and now 16% and unless its Canadian Superior taking over 1st...IMO its Canbriam as our new JV partner

my post on Agoracom Questerre blog

New player Canbriam seems to be adding their dollors to the mix and may be given time to catch up in the Gastem Mundiregina permit (and this opens the door for Epsilon), plus Canbriam also has WI with Petrolymbic and Squatex JV properties. Although I previously discounted Canbriam, they have money from Warburg Pincus and ARG Financial and have established their ability and talent in the Montney CBM JV with Canadian Spirit Resources.

NR on the Challenger blog 12/11/08

Canbriam Capital LP has acquired control or direction over 3,333,332 common shares and 1,666,666 common share purchase warrants of Challenger Energy Corp. As a result of the acquisition, CCLP now exercises control or direction over a total of 6,966,377 common shares and 2,166,666 common share purchase warrants, representing approximately 16.41 per cent of the issued and outstanding common shares of Challenger (assuming exercise of the common share purchase warrants over which CCLP has control or direction).

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