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CUU own 25% Schaft Creek: proven/probable min. reserves/940.8m tonnes = 0.27% copper, 0.19 g/t gold, 0.018% moly and 1.72 g/t silver containing: 5.6b lbs copper, 5.8m ounces gold, 363.5m lbs moly and 51.7m ounces silver; (Recoverable CuEq 0.46%)


BREAKING: Else Nutrition Announces North American Launch of World's Only Real Alternative to Dairy-Based Baby Nutrition

  • Baby Nutrition Paradigm shift: After 120 years, Else introduces a completely novel protein source for baby nutrition (over one year old) with a breakthrough, clean and sustainable production process
  • Globally patented, and founded by infant nutrition industry veterans, Else Nutrition is the first dairy and soy- free, clean label, plant-based complete nutrition for babies (1 year and over)
  • Else Plant-Based Complete Nutrition is now available for purchase at elsenutrition.com, U.S. shipping nationwide and to Canada

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Thanks. I guess we have something in common after all. Remember at Mercator when they built the gravity fed water pipeline to the mine site then discovered they had built it uphill? Even the CEO made a joke of it and admitted the mistake. The writing was on the wall though when he bought the other company, installed the ceo of that company as head (fall guy) then grabbed a rather large severence package and headed for the door. At least that was fun but I made a mistake there too. All along I predicted it was going to 5 bucks and it did hit $4.95. I was too stupid to sell until it dropped to just above $3. but did ok. I still remember the poor guy on the forum bragging about all the shares he had just bought for 3 cents each. Just before it was de-listed and gone.

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