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CUU own 25% Schaft Creek: proven/probable min. reserves/940.8m tonnes = 0.27% copper, 0.19 g/t gold, 0.018% moly and 1.72 g/t silver containing: 5.6b lbs copper, 5.8m ounces gold, 363.5m lbs moly and 51.7m ounces silver; (Recoverable CuEq 0.46%)

Message: Teck’s admission- “I don’t think I would have done it”

I emailed the office and asked some questions. Lynn responded but I assume that the answers were vetted through Elmer but who knows.


  1. Is there any timeframe as when we can expect the results of the 2019 SCJV work plan?  We have not been given a timeframe, we understand this is frustrating, however, we believe that getting the report right outweighs getting the report out within a specific timeframe, all parties of the SCJV need to approve the report and when that is complete Copper Fox will announce the results pending regulatory requirements.


Is there one party that is holding this up or both. Can you even disclose who we are waiting on?  All parties are working together, no one party is a hold up.


  1. Is there a plan to do any work on the SCJV project in 2020?  A 2020 work plan has not been announced, upon completion of the 2019 report it is expected that the SCJV would be able to determine the best path forward for the project.  With regard to physical work, there could be restrictions with regard to even getting up to the property this year due to non-essential travel bans, there are multiple factors at play this year that could affect a 2020 work plan.


  1. Is there a plan moving forward with Van Dyke?  We are currently reviewing the Updated Resource Estimate report that needs to be filed on SEDAR by May 9th and while doing that we are also contemplating the best options for moving the project forward, again travel bans could affect what our options are for the next few weeks/months.


Once the Updated resource Estimate is filed on SEDAR, will we placing a value on this project or do we have one already. Are actively trying to sell or find a partner at this time?  We have a current pre-tax NPV from the 2015 PEA of $US 213 million, the updated resource estimate has increased a portion of the mineral resource category from Inferred to Indicated as well as added 400 million lbs of soluble copper, we can do inhouse estimates to increase the NPV but wouldn’t be able to publish without an updated economic assessment.  With regard to actively trying to sell or find a partner, being an explorer/developer our assets are up for sale or available for joint ventures to the majors at anytime, however, when it comes time to actively sell we would commission a third party valuation of the assets before soliciting them in the market.


  1. Is there any plan to separate the various entities? Northern Fox/Desert Fox ( We seem to be raising funds and diluting the value of our main asset.) With limited funds for operating expenses and the pending purchase of Eaglehead.  Copper Fox structured the Company specifically to take advantage of spinning out an asset when and if that becomes an option.  Each year the Board of Directors approves an annual budget and the private placement is announced and filled based on that information and the Company uses these funds to the best of its ability to increase the value of the assets.  This past year the Company was successful in that task at Van Dyke by increasing the confidence level in the resource and the soluble copper content.  The purchase of the Eaglehead project is over a 3 year period and with the knowledge we have had gained by exploring in NW BC it was decided Copper Fox would purchase this asset rather than let it go to another explorer.


  1. Have we placed a value on our 25% of the SCJV? The Board of Directors of course have an estimated value on Schaft Creek based on the amount of work the Company has done on the project ranging from the 2013 Feasibility Study to the current work, however, without a NI 43-101 Technical Report to support the estimated valuation the Company is unable to disclose same.


So if I understand correctly, we have placed a value on our portion but can’t disclose without a NI 43-101. From my understanding, this is an expensive report that we don’t have funds for currently and TECK may not deem as material to their business. Is there any indication that this might be something that either partner in the SCJV is willing to undertake?  Correct, we can’t disclose our valuation without an independent report confirming same due to regulatory restrictions.  These reports can be expensive, however, the work that has been done on Schaft Creek is of NI 43-101 quality so in this case the cost to flip the report into a NI 43-101 compliant report could be lower than starting from scratch.  There are deals that happen in the market based on companies not having technical reports done at all, an example would be when a company believes they have enough information without an independent report, anything and everything is possible.  If Copper Fox felt a technical report was warranted to obtain a fair market value on the project the Board would pursue that avenue.



  1. Will there be an AGM in 2020 and if so, when will it be held?  We will be holding an AGM in 2020, at this time the date has not been set as we are holding off to see how long the non-essential travel bans are in force, the Company may end up hosting a virtual AGM.


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