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CUU own 25% Schaft Creek: proven/probable min. reserves/940.8m tonnes = 0.27% copper, 0.19 g/t gold, 0.018% moly and 1.72 g/t silver containing: 5.6b lbs copper, 5.8m ounces gold, 363.5m lbs moly and 51.7m ounces silver; (Recoverable CuEq 0.46%)

Message: water under the bridge

I've been here since 2006 or so. So long I can't remember any more. First buy at 13 cents. Rode it up to $2.50 and all the way back to now. Problem is I bought 1000's at hiher prices and didn't get out. Dunce I know. For me it makes no difference whether it's at .06, .10 or .25. So I don't get excited about anything to do with this company. I wait and if I die before the buyout then my children will wait and if they die my grandchildren will wait. I ve been here so long that I think the only one who was here before me is WillyNilly. I think he might have been the original prospector who found Schaft Creek. Don't post often because there is so little to say except Get it Done.


gusto 44 ( my original nickname on stockhouse)

Sorry if there are others who were here earlier than I. 

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