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CUU own 25% Schaft Creek: proven/probable min. reserves/940.8m tonnes = 0.27% copper, 0.19 g/t gold, 0.018% moly and 1.72 g/t silver containing: 5.6b lbs copper, 5.8m ounces gold, 363.5m lbs moly and 51.7m ounces silver; (Recoverable CuEq 0.46%)

Message: Responses from Elmer

From the big guy: 

Hi Elmer, any update from Teck on test results? [I have had several conversations with Teck on their findings to date, unfortunately the work has not progressed to the stage where definitive conclusions can be drawn. Teck have not  provided a date when they expect the work to be completed.  It is taking a long time but the information from this work is one of several critical studies, the results of which would be required for Copper Fox to start the process of updating the valuation for the Schaft Creek project.]



You need to get the sp up to trigger the much needed warrants. You are not in blackout. We have seen Ernesto buy on the open market in the past which moved the sp quickly. 


Why not now? How is attracting new investors a bad thing?  Moves in volume and price attracts new eyes and money. Neither which are happening with twitter, pdac, or other efforts. Copper price is likely the reason we got a couple cents lately. A share price spike could push up to prior highs quickly. Not all of us should have to wait for a full buyout or SC buyout. Why don’t you want the share price to increase? [That statement is absurd]I say you don’t because you refuse to buy on the market. It’s not fair to us you only buy at PP depressed prices. [It my decision as to when and how I management my investment in Copper Fox. I participate in placements to advance the activities of the company as directed by the board. All shareholder (including you) can participate in the placements, if they choose to do so.]


Do you agree a third party is required to validate what the board deems ‘fair value?’. [An independent engineering firm would be required to complete the work necessary ( updated resource estimate and complete an NI43-101 Technical Report)  to place a value on the Schaft Creek project using current data, industry accepted input parameters and standard valuation methodology for mineral projects.] Have you hired that person or have the plan to do so? Is that a bank? Who would do that? [On completion of the Technical Report, a third party (could be a bank, not necessarily) would be retained to determine if the valuation determined in the Technical Report is fair.  If Copper Fox was to proceed to update the resource estimation for the Schaft Creek project, this would be announced by way of news release

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