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Covalon Technologies Ltd Profile

Covalon Technologies Ltd. is an advanced medical biosystems company that has developed and patented advanced therapeutic biomaterials for wound care and surgical applications and coatings. Polymer chemistry and surface coating technology have been combined to create a range of time-release drug delivery platforms that are applied to many medical devices to treat many critical conditions. A variety of applications for these technologies have been identified and specific products have been developed. The products offer features and benefits providing solutions to many of the problems caused by current devices and their material properties which are used by most medical device manufacturers and suppliers. The problems include infection, poor biocompatibility, and microbial attachment.

Covalon was recognized as a TSX Venture 50™ company in both 2008 and 2007. The TSX Venture 50 are the top 10 companies in each of five major industry sectors - mining, oil & gas, technology & life sciences, diversified industries and cleantech - based on a ranking formula with equal weighting given to one-year revenue (last reported 12 months), return on investment, market cap growth and trading volume. All data was as of December 31, 2007 and December 31, 2006, respectively.

TSX Venture 50 is a trade-mark of TSX Inc. and is used under license.

Our Mission

Covalon's mission is to apply Covalon's proprietary technology platforms for advanced coatings and biomatrices to all medical devices, surgical products and wound care applications where the technologies offer a strategic advantage to medical practice; the goal will be achieved by exhibiting a professional approach through customer-driven long term relationships.


Choice Matters.

It's about giving our customers exactly what they want. In biomatrices or in medical coatings, we have versatile and marketable solutions. In wound care, we offer covalently cross-linked denatured collagen platforms for various applications for drug delivery. In medical coatings, we offer our customers covalent processes to apply innovative hydrophilic and lubricious, durable coatings to polymeric medical devices. The collagen-based products are FDA approved.

Covalon offers processes that are:

  • simple
  • aqueous-based
  • proprietary
  • cost-effective
  • reimbursable

The technology platforms have been carefully engineered to be biocompatible. The modifications to Covalon's base and patented technologies allow for distinct applications to meet the needs of various modern medical interventions and customers' needs and specifications.

Covalon is an
ISO 13485:2003
registered company.

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