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Message: Time are a changing.

A number of governments must see Chavez as an enigma, since his actions seem counterintuitive at times. For instance, Chavez hates the U.S as revealed by the American airlines incident where a phrase "the local Chavez time is.... " gets taken all the way to the top as being interpreted as the loco Chavez time. In addition, the U.S embassy is vacant. We also know that Chavez has repeatedly used Propandga in his own country stating that Venezuela problems were caused by the Capitalist pigs. Given this current situation one would wonder why Chavez would want any dealing with the U.S at all. Why not stop the oil exports to the U.S.! Chavez needs Money, and lots of it to fund the Revolution.

Current situation is that Chavez has seized power from the legislature for 18 months to rule with his power of decree. Interestingly enough, the Venezuelan elections will cocur in about 18months. In addition, Chavez is taking control of radio/t.v/internet communications. Couple this with the ilegal voting suspicion from the previous elections, and it makes things very difficult for the opposition. Overall, this indicates that Chavez is aware he is losing popularity and he is worried about the upcoming election.

So what Chavez needs is money and popularityto to say in power. The money is becoming increasing difficult for Chavez to obtain with both China and Russia more selective with their investments. In additon, the 8 billion dollar bond ruling may also indicate the start of other rulings that may go against Venezuela. All this is different from the last time Chavez ran for presidency where he had tons of money, and his popularity was around 70%. At that time Chavez did not need to put a gold mine in production since he hated the foreign capitalist and he did not need the money or popularity. However, this time things are very different. He needs money and his ability to do this is quickly drying up, plus any increase in popular support is desparately needed. Eventhough, people may think that GRZ and KRY mines are a pimple in the Venezuelan economy they do represent a chance to gain popularity and revenue. As proof to this GRZ after filling for arbitration is now in talks with Venezuela. Basically, this election has brought pressure to develope both these mines to help increase Chavez popularity, and revenue. This elections things are changing.

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