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Message: Will Venezuela Pay Out $1.4B?

Sounds like something from big bang theory. While the suggestion the simplist answer is the right one I certainly don't think it holds true here. Given occam's razor, Fung would have been doing what is best for all stakeholders like he told the judge. We know that isn't true. The only applicable application of occam's razon is that Tenor wants all the award and will do what they have been doing all along to get it.

You may feel like I made up a theory but can you explain why it has taken so long.

Here is the first case I just googled: http://www.leagle.com/decision/In%20FDCO%2020150217D81/MOBIL%20CERRO%20NEGRO%20v.%20BOLIVARIAN%20REP.%20OF%20VENEZUELA

Only took around 4 months despite VZ stalliing. This shows how quick it can be. Months not years but to get it enforced Tenor would have to push forward. Since the last request for documents were filed, Tenor has been sitting on their hands it appears.

Recognition and enforcement are fairly quick but to work Tenor would have to want a judgement order for $1.4 billion which would make arguing their case that the interest rate wasn't criminal impossible. Much easier for them to say that we won't collect for years or maybe not at all.

They are being transparent and I doubt a Judge will be fooled.

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