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Message: RE:Paau/Response by JJ

Paau, OG was posting my flagged email with an adjustment that used a word that you had used without a red flag so your question really is to me.

The issue we can both agree on is when you say "when I get paid" is the only timeframe you are interested in. Everyone hear feels the same way. We all want to be paid sooner rather than later but as you have pointed out " VZ take the maximum and introduce motions to obstruct progress" so why sit back and do nothing. It has been 3 1/2 months since you said Tenor did something in December. What did they do? It doesn't take long to get an enforcement order especially when the arbitration was in Washington and the order would be in Washington. No foreign countries to deal with.

It is apparant that VZ wants to obstruct and delay as you mentioned. The only way to force payment is with a recognotion and enforcement order in the US. This is the timeframe that matters. Until that is done nothing will happen and if VZ knows that they will have a default with the order it should force them to deal with our award.


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