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Message: RE:Paau/Response by JJ

jimmijazz: Do you understand what VZ have been doing with Citgo? Tenor have not "sat back and done nothing". Tenor have sought enforcement, sought a bond whilst the case is pending, and sought to unwind the fraudulent PDVSA/PDVH/Citgo transactions. And they have done so in a timely fashion. They understand that enforcment without seizable assets is useless - do you get that? In Canada, the enforcement order from 20 July 2016 has yielded what so far?

I get the feeling you would prefer a conspiracy theory. The law is difficult, conspiracy theories - not so much.

Why do you want Gowling to sue Tenor soon? I presume you expect Gowling to use Criminal Code 347 as their main argument. How can Gowling succeed if Tenor haven't received any interest yet i.e. have not breached 347(1)(b)?

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