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Crystallex International Corporation is a Canadian-based gold company with a successful record of developing and operating gold mines in Venezuela and elsewhere in South America

Message: Pay day on what day and what's the amount pre share holders will get ? $1.35 pre

Hello, people, does anyone know the date and the amount per share the share holders will receive ? I've been here sents Nov.5th 2005 pretty much every day and to me we have a very Poor judging system or court meeting. About 3 years ago I had a lawyer call me concerning the OPT program. But now it seems like the news is drifting further away, maybe it is. The adward $1.4 billion US dollars. WOW, hell of alot.How does the Manager or person in charge keep track of our award money ? for example: what goes in and out from our award money.   Are records being kept ? Is the money safe ? How can a see a legal document showing our award. Didn't we pay enough to all those lawyers ! Why haven't we've seen some type of document or break down showing examples, payments, interest, and other bills and salaries coming from our award money, . Is there any kind of illegal papers, that shows our award money, and something  keeping track on it." Ask around and see if anyone knows of such a document or paper showing our award. Thank you, sincerely Terry

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