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Message: 3rd. District Court of Appeals Grants PDVA 45 days to Appeal

A cornerstone of the American democracy is the separation of powers. Only a higher court can put on hold or reverse a Third COA decision. Stopping the process by any other means would mean that the U.S. government has become a dictatorship much the same as Venezuela's, where all the government branches are controlled and do what Maduro and his cronies want done.

Fortunately, this will not happen in the US without the American people, Congress, the Judiciary and the arm forces rising against the attemp. This because we all know well that power corrupts, and absolute power corrups absolutely. We only need to look at places like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and North Corea to understand the result of the lack of separation of power: no rule of law, rampant corruption, persecution and elimination of the dissenting opinions, etc.

Given this, if I were in KRY's lawyers shoes, I would hit them hard to bring these thugs to the ground. And once they are on the ground, I would continue to hit them so that they cannot get up. For if they manage to get up, they will be ready to fight another day.

I hope the KRY lawyers will oppose the opportunity for PDVSA / Venezuela to appeal the decision without posting a bond. So far they lost every court case and always managed to avoid the bond. So, here we are many years after the expropriation and these thugs keep coming out on the losing side without paying a penny. What about asking the Court to order Venezuela to put up the CITGO shares as security for KRY to collect its due if Venezuela loses the appeal? This would be the same outcome when KRY is finally allowed to execute the attahchment, only more efficient and fair to KRY. 




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