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Message: How to Receive Court Documents

If I know "two or three things", Osmo is way ahead of me.

There is a hearing on Feb. 15th that promises to be a show-stopper.

You can ask to be given access to the hearing via Zoom. The more, the merrier. Bankruptcy judges pay attention to the type, the number and grivances of the interested parties. After all, a bankruptcy court is a court of equity.

Once you are a registered party you will get an email that lets you know about filings made and upcoming hearings.

Your request to be listed as an interested party needs to go to:


US Bankruptcy Court Clerk
District of Delaware
824 N Market St. # 500
Wilmington, DE 19801


When you send it to the Judge's office it will eventually be routed to the Clerk's office.
When you send it to the Clerk's office, the request is processed immediately and becomes part of the record.


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