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Message: How to Receive Court Documents

Good question.

CRY, like practically all stock issuers today, used the electronic certificate book entry (as apposed to paper certificates) method to keep track of the shares issued. After it filed for bankruptcy CRY decided it could not afford to pay for the service and cancelled it after its shares were delisted. For several years now, CRY has not had a "transfer Agent". No stock transaction can be initiated and take place without a transfer agent.

Canadian regulations require the stock issuers to keep records of its stock ownership as the means to enable the government to monitor criminal activity (e.g. money laundering, etc). But the company is only required to provide that information when required by designated governmental entities (e.g. Canadian Revenue Service, the Canadian IRS). A canadian court can order the release of the records for cause, but a U.S. court cannot (extra-territorial reach). However, one way or another (e.g. copperation between the CCAA and the DE Bankruptcy courts) the data can and will be made available. Yet, a CRY shareholder is better off making sure that the DE court has him/her registered as an interested party and keeping records of his/her ownership (e.g. stockbroker account statement) to safeguard his/her interest.


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