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Message: Re: Class action- Sad Day Florida

Lopezian noted:

jcwillis, this is way off topic, but you brought it up.

I am a hunter. I have guns in my home. But I also have a bumper sticker: GOOD HUNTERS DON'T NEED ASSAULT WEAPONS.

The Orlando shooter used an assault rifle; he couldn't have killed so many people with a hunting rifle, stopping to reload ten times. So the weapon DOES matter.

There is no defensible reason NOT to ban the private ownership of assault weapons. They belong on battlefields, not in nightclubs. Or classrooms. Or movie theaters. Or churches.

Empty Pockets noted:

Let's ban assualt weapons...and assualt knives ...and assault pressure cookers... and assault fertilizer... and assault vest bombs...and assualt shoe bombs...and anyone who really doesn't understand the word "assualt rifle", let's ban them too. And while we are banning this gun, we will be allowing the camel to gert his nose "under the tent". Gun laws ONLY effect the honest citizens who obey them. Yea, I own this crap stock too!

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