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Message: Re: Class action- Sad Day Florida

Empty Pockets italicized:

Let's ban assualt weapons...and assualt knives ...and assault pressure cookers... and assault fertilizer... and assault vest bombs...and assualt shoe bombs...and anyone who really doesn't understand the word "assualt rifle", let's ban them too. And while we are banning this gun, we will be allowing the camel to gert his nose "under the tent". Gun laws ONLY effect the honest citizens who obey them. Yea, I own this crap stock too!

Yes. People have the right to defend themselves. If the bad guys have whatever they might have, the good citizen should be able to have whatever it is in order to protect themselves and their family. People should be able to defend themselves from the unknowns of today's world. Everyone needs a fighting chance when the worst imaginable happens. Will the police protect you? I don't want a police sociaty, but the cops are overwhelmed and under-staffed.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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