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Message: Cymat announces successful "Industry Week" in Nevada, USA

Cymat announces successful "Industry Week" in Nevada, USA

posted on Jul 07, 2009 09:34AM

Attention Business Editors

Cymat announces successful "Industry Week" in Nevada, USA


Listing: TSX

Symbol: CYM


TORONTO, July 7 /CNW/ - Cymat Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce a

successful "Industry Week" that took place during the week ended June 26, 2009

at a world-renowned independent blast testing facility in Nevada, United

States. The purpose of "Industry Week" was to demonstrate the high performance

capability of SmartMetal(TM) with respect to its ability to provide protection

against blast threats. In attendance were over 40 people representing military

vehicle manufacturers, architectural companies, and Canadian Defence

Department staff.

During "Industry Week", Cymat hosted 2 blast test events to provide

clients with real-time SmartMetal(TM) performance data. The testing showed a

reduction of at least 7 to 1 in blast energy transfer with a 50% compaction of

each foam panel. Cymat has contracted the test facility to complete a total of

24 blast tests on a select group of densities and thicknesses of foam to

enable our clients to model with and integrate SmartMetal(TM) into their

survivability solutions.

"Industry Week proved to be a great success for Cymat on a number of

fronts. It enabled us to showcase our SmartMetal to key defence industry and

military personnel from around the world. As well, we were able to provide

attendees with preliminary performance data for design purposes." said Tim

Hardman, President of Cymat. He added "As we complete the remainder of our

blast tests through July, our goal is to compress SmartMetal(TM) to 20% of its

original thickness which in turn would deliver even higher performance levels

than currently demonstrated."

About Cymat:

Cymat develops innovative materials for industry. The company has

worldwide rights, through patents and licenses, for producing Stabilized

Aluminum Foam. The ultra-light metallic foam is manufactured by bubbling gas

through molten alloyed aluminum containing a dispersion of fine ceramic

particles and can be produced as either Near-net Shapes or Flat Panels. The

result is a revolutionary material with a wide array of features including

very low density, mechanical energy absorption, thermal and acoustic

insulation, is recyclable, time and temperature insensitive and has a

relatively low cost of production. Cymat is collaborating with a number of

partners spanning the automotive, architectural and blast mitigation

industries. For further information, visit the Web site www.cymat.com.

The foregoing press release contains forward-looking statements relating

to the development of markets, development programs, future revenues and

improvements in technology, which are subject to important risks and

uncertainties. The results or events predicted in these statements may differ

materially from actual results or events. Factors which could cause results or

events to differ from current expectations include the availability of

funding, existing and future relationships with suppliers and manufacturers,

the results of research and development activities, risks of technological

breakthroughs that make Cymat stabilized aluminum foam less attractive, risks

relating to the breadth, scope and enforceability of intellectual property

rights, general industry and market conditions, availability of qualified

personnel, and reliance on co- development partners.

For additional information with respect to these and other factors, see

the reports filed by Cymat Technologies Ltd. with the Ontario Securities

Commission. Cymat Technologies Ltd. disclaims any intention or obligation to

update or revise any forward-looking statements.


/For further information: Investors and Media: Michael Liik, Executive

Chairman, Cymat Technologies Ltd., Tel: (416) 307-4015, Email: [email protected];

Trevor Sandler, Chief Financial Officer, Cymat Technologies Ltd., Tel: (905)

696-2427, Email: [email protected]/

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