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Message: Matt Bohlsen's analysis of the lithium mining industry for August, 2018

Chris Berry's comment listed in Bohlsen's Seeking Alpha article was "priceless" to say the least. Berry is the founder of House Mountain Partners and he is a well-known commentator on the battery metals space. He commented back in May that a lot of people have taken their foot off the gas regarding investing in lithium since the Morgan Stanley report earlier this year, but the comment that Bohlsen uses from Berry in his Seeking Alpha article was as follows:

Chris Berry stated regarding lithium - "With the long term demand story still fully intact, I’ve never seen a larger disconnect between investor perception and reality in my career."

He, of course is exactly right, it is a huge "DISCONNECT" between investor perception and reality. The market follows Perception as if led by the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Whether thou goest I go said the market to Perception. Once perception is led back to reality we will see a dynamic forward change for lithium and the backlash on Morgan Stanley will be formidable. Just keep Chris Berry's analysis in the pipeline regarding all of its ramifications for the future of LAC.

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