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Message: Dajin and Moselle Technologies Form Strategic Alliance for Low Cost Processing of Lithium Brines

"Dajin Lithium (US) Corp. has 100% ownership of 403 placer claims covering 7,914 acres (3,202 hectares) of the Teels Marsh area"

Teels Marsh is projected by Dajin as being a potential lithium brine operation in Nevada.... this makes the March 2020 agreement with Moselle Technologies in Texas just a little bit more interesting... actually it makes it a lot more interesting because currently Danin owns 100% of its claims at Teels Marsh.

IF, and it is a big if, Moselle Technologies proposed lithium brine extraction using nanotechnology is really practical and not just a pipe dream then it would seem that Teels Marsh would be an ideal place to put it into practice... especially if it also can be used to aid in Boron extraction as well since both minerals are found at this location.   99% lithium extraction from the brine is a whooping recovery per cent.   OK, this brings up the question... Is this truly "penny stock" just lying on the ground like a diamond in the rough and waiting to be plucked up by some lithium Major producer?  Well, certainly not in the enviroment of Corona virus here in May 2020.  China investments in foreign adventures has plummeted since the first of the year to nearly zero and US/Europe money has also dried up since everyone anticipates a recovery, but there is no recovery at this time.  The markets are all in a frenzy, or is it a stupor?  On the other hand, and "the other hand" is how  Contrarian Investors look at the world, now might be the perfect time for one of the Majors to take advantage of the situation that Dajin presents and partner up or buy out Dajin altogether.  Just at a time that no one anticipates.  Dajin, IF Moselle Technologies Nanotechnology can be applied, is indeed .... a "Diamond in the Rough".  JMO.

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