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Message: August 2020 Power Point Investors Presentation on Dajin Resources

The August 2020 Investors Presentation had this interesting power point presentation on Moselle Technologies:

Moselle’s Patent Pending Technology Involves:
• Using disruptive nanoparticle technology.
• Magnetic extraction process is very fast and efficient.
• Process works in minutes; not years or months.
• Lithium is the only element removed from the brine.
• Recovery of up to 100% of Lithium in the brine.
• DRAMATIC reduction in capital and operational costs.
• Reduces ecological footprint – NO evaporation ponds required

So, no evaporation ponds required? Hopefully that also means very little water is required for processing. Water requirements are pivotal because of the restrictions impossed on the mining industry in Nevada.

That concern seems to be answered further down in the August 2020 Investors Presentation by the following:

Dajin Properties – Teels Marsh valley

• Dajin holds 100% water rights in Teels Marsh valley.
• Engineered access roads and two drill pads completed.
• The land package covers all of the known closed basin.
• The claims were secured by staking (100% owned).
• Surface brines contain Lithium and Boron concentrations.
• Highly prospective geology similar to Clayton Valley.
• Has a large active geothermal system.
• Experienced management able to execute projects.
• Skilled and experienced technical staff.

Concerning Dajin Resources Alkali Springs property: " Application for water rights underway. "

To be perfectly honest, I don't see any significant change in this Investors Presentation from the last one. The company's association with Moselle Technologies seems to still be a key component of what ever will happen with Dajin, but I don't see any new information about how that is coming along... just seems like a rehash. No new info on the application for water rights at Alkali Springs... just still "pending".


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