Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Company Focused on Social Media Discovery and Fake News Detection

Clients Include: Canadian Federal Government, DRDC, Health Canada, United States Air Force and LOTTE


New Client Alert!!!

AGORACOM Welcomes TransCanna (TCAN:CSE) Developing The Largest Multi-Purpose Cannabis Facility in California

  • $2M CAD Revenue April 2020
  • $24.6M CAD Revenue Run Rate solely from TransCanna test facility
  • $90M Annual Revenue expected from first full year upon completion of 196,000 Sq Ft Daly facility Q3 2021
  • Daly facility will be one of the largest cannabis facilities in California
  • Recently acquired two California companies,
    • High-end award winning edible producer Soldaze
    • Premium indoor cultivator and distributer Lyfted Farms
  • Lyfted Farms products sold in select Cookies Locations - The most recognizable name in high-end Cannabis.
  • 2019 California Cannabis sales over $3B, industry currently fragmented
  • Direct to dispensary model, cutting out the middleman

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Message: VIDEO: Datametrex (DM:TSXV) Discusses Obtaining Rights to Import and Sell COVID-19 Test Kits From South Korea

VIDEO: Datametrex (DM:TSXV) Discusses Obtaining Rights to Import and Sell COVID-19 Test Kits From South Korea

posted on Apr 21, 2020 04:22PM
When US Government Agencies call you in the middle of the greatest health and economic crisis in 100 years to help them detect social media disinformation about COVID-19, it is safe to assume your Artificial Intelligence capabilities to detect fake news, disinformation campaigns and their impact is amongst the most respected in the world.
But when the Canadian government calls on you to help with the import and sale of COVID-19 test kits from South Korea, it is also safe to assume your trust and security clearances are at the highest levels possible.  
You would probably also assume such a company to be a tech giant or a Silicon Valley funded startup.  But Datametrex AI (DM: TSXV) is neither.  Rather, it is a great Canadian small cap technology company who happens to have:
"developed strong relationships with many large multi-national companies in South Korea.  As a result of these relationships, the Canadian Embassy in Seoul contacted Datametrex to ask for help in procuring rapid test kits."
If that wasn't enough, Datametrex has also achieved the following as of late:
  • Q3 Revenues Of $1.6 million,  an increase of 186%
  • 9 Month Revenues Of $2.56M an increase of 37%
  • Repeat Contracts Of $1M and $600,000 With Korean Giant LOTTE   
  • $954,000 Contract With Canadian Department of Defence To Fight Social Media Election Meddling
  • Participation In NATO Research Task Group On Social Media Threat Detection 
  • Becoming an affiliate member of the Carnegie Mellon University Center for IDeaS
When a small cap Artificial Intelligence company is successfully deploying its technology with military and conglomerates, as well as, being called upon by the Canadian federal government to ask for help with the greatest pandemic in 100 years, smart small cap investors are compelled to take a closer look.
That look can begin with our latest interview of Datametrex CEO, Marshall Gunter, who discusses obtaining the rights to import and sell COVID-19 test kits from South Korea and the impact it will have on the Company.
Watch this interview on one of your favourite screens or hit play and listen to the audio as you drive. 
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