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Q3-22 Revenue OVER $9.2 Million

Message: VIDEO – DataMetrex AI Delivers Multiple Artificial Intelligence Wins From Silicon Valley To South Korea, With Millions Of Dollars In Contracts

VIDEO – DataMetrex AI Delivers Multiple Artificial Intelligence Wins From Silicon Valley To South Korea, With Millions Of Dollars In Contracts

posted on Feb 13, 2023 06:16PM

DataMetrex AI Limited $DM $DTMXF $D4G) is a technology company focused on cybersecurity, telehealth and EV, powered by Artificial Intelligence.


To this end, the Company has the rare benefit that most small-cap companies would only dream of … Multiple successful independent divisions that are each capable of being a company maker including:

  • Cybersecurity Through Advanced Encryption 
  • Social Media Monitoring, Detection, Predict Crises Through Predictive Analytics
  • Smart & Mobile EV Charging Through Predictive Analytics
  • Subscription Based Telehealth Including Mobile Medical Visits

That’s why CIOReview, a leading digital and print technology magazine, has recognized the company as the most promising Canadian tech company for the 2022 calendar year … and that is why $DM is set to uplist to the TSX Big Board.

More than just lip service, $DM is walking the walk by delivering great financial results as follows:


Year ended December 31, 2021:

  • Record Revenue of Over $49M up 296% 
  • Record Adjusted EBITDA* of $15M up 1,838% 
  • Net Earnings of $9M up 282% 
  • Positive Cash Flow from Operations of $11M up 2,025% 

Third Quarter 2022 Highlights:

  • $9.2 million in revenue 
  • Significant increase in AI and Tech revenue of over $3.78M in nine months 
  • Significant increase in Q3 net income of over $961K, up 464% VS previous year.  

First 9 Months of 2022:

  • Over $27.5M revenue



While many companies are trying to capitalize on the hot AI market that has exploded following the meteoric rise of ChatGPT, $DM has been delivering big & multiple Artificial Intelligence wins with some of the biggest corporate names and governments from Silicon Valley to South Korea as follows:


  • Completed First Phase Of $40m A.I. With Government Contract
    • to help aid in the defence of Canadian cyber security initiatives
  • Over $2.4 Million In Artificial Intelligence  Contracts From A Silicon Valley Company
  • Samsung & Ford
  • LOTTE (A $2.6b South Korean Multinational Conglomerate)
  • The United States Air Force
  • Used By Multiple Government Agencies To Aid In The Detection, Protection And Sources Of Social Media Misinformation In Order To Stop It 
  • Like any successful AI company, $DM is only getting stronger thanks to machine learning that is training its AI systems.


Today the company's wholly-owned AI subsidiary announced …. Nexalogy Further Advances Its AI NexaSMART Software to New Trending Heights




NexaSMART technology has an API engine that is developed in the same vein as ChatGPT technology and is currently in use with a partner company and government organizations. 


Nexalogy has made its mark with private and government organizations using its AI and ML technology for cyber security and AI initiatives. This new AI tool can not only be leveraged to be used for services similar to Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer technology (ChatGPT), but Nexalogy can finally offer accessible software tools beyond private and government agencies and expand further into the retail and corporate levels.




With the Natural Language Generation (NLG) being a big component in chatbot technologies, the NLG market is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2027. Nexalogy advancing and improving its API will ultimately further expand its services from the private sector to the public and increase its AI operations.


What did Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company have to say?


"AI and ChatGPT style products are the future. Nexalogy, already having a tried and tested API in place brings us one step closer to bringing accessible AI tools to the masses. This is an exciting time for AI. Nexalogy is looking forward to expanding and improving its tools to create a more advanced future for all."


Want to learn more?


Sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview. 



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