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A leading developer of global positioning satellite (GPS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology

Digital Angel Corporation Profile

Applications for this burgeoning technology include pets, wildlife and livestock identification using implantable microchips, scanners and antennas. A leader in this industry since 1945, Digital Angel has manufactured RFID microchips for millions of pets throughout the world, providing them with unalterable and permanent identification should they become lost or stolen. Similarly, Digital Angel has pioneered RFID solutions to help farmers, ranchers, sale barns and other livestock producers to identify and track animals in efforts to ensure the health and safety of the world’s food supply.

Digital Angel has also established a core competency and leadership position in the high tech industry through the development of GPS search and rescue beacons that integrate geosynchronous communications for use by the military and the private sector to track aircraft, ships and other high value assets. This is a growing area for the Company and one poised to experience substantial growth in the coming years.

In short, Digital Angel’s products are used in innumerous ways around the world to safeguard those things we value most: our food supply, our natural resources and environment, and the well-being of those we love.

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