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Message: Large Volumes

Large Volumes

posted on Mar 06, 2009 07:07PM

I sold my SLV today to buy more shares. I'm all in. IMO the sellers don't have a clue. Too many independent eyes repeating the same thing, paleoplacer that one can dig and pan, with gold in most every pan, with multiple colors in most pans, more colors from the conglomerate layers, that extends for kilometers in each direction at least 10 meters thick, HELLO!

Remember a "pan" full of sand doesn't amount to a large volume. The first assays reported by the company set a baseline for the deposit IMO, 1.6 g/m3. The samples were widely spaced, systematic and reported confirmation of the many independent eyes reporting on the deposit and its possible magnitude. One of my professors, an experienced explorationist, said that 20 colors in a "pan" meant around 1 ounce of gold per ton of that rock when I told him about having panned colors out of a rusty gossan. Any rock that would give that number of colors in most "pans" of ground rock was certainly something to be very interested in... Oh ya, Mkuvia "rock" doesn't have to be ground to pan out the colors... ever see Walter Houston in "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"?

This paleo-placer is certainly a distinct geologic "rock" formation of an age firmly removed from the present, when dug anywhere yields 3 TO 18+ colors in most pans, I think my professor would be impressed. It certainly has my attention.

Not Investment advice, more data is on the way, prudence is advised, do your DD.

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