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posted on Apr 09, 2009 10:43AM

If the Company's past release of non-compliant reports and assay data, implying that a large-sized deposit might exist at Mkuvia, if this is at the root of the BCSC concern, then we are in a good spot IMO. I understand the regulatory caution, it is clearly their job. For me, too many eyes have looked and lots of panning has been done by strangers, all reporting to have seen the same thing... gold in the sand and conglomerate... everywhere... on the surface... to as deep as has been dug... over a large area. You can't salt a deposit everywhere and artisan miners don't dig unless they make money, but caution by regulators and standards for independent confirmation of the "stories" by strangers is in everyone's best interest.

Toby reported that Harp was to deliver the 43-101 to BCSC yesterday, the DLKM website is being modified... The 43-101 is now in play, DLKM has announced its receipt on their updating website... This increased scrutiny is assurance that everything is right and out soon, IMO, with little doubt.

Feels like the road to compliance with all of the existing regulations is as rough as the road leading to Mkuvia, our a$$es may be sore when we get to base camp, but get there we will IMO... then let the panning/assays do the talking!

One man can only do so much and DLKM has done a lot! The passed BCSC deadline is far less an important thing than having a healthy CEO in his stride. I hope the report is not in need of major revisions and that Laurie is accepted as being a qualified and independent person, then this will all be resolved soon. When the 43-101 is accepted and released the "bid" line will grow quickly IMO.

Not investment advice... DD is required... hang on for the bumps... the desired smooth feel of that first libation/refreshment enjoyed after arriving in base camp may be near.

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