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Message: Go Figure

Seems no one is here ... But WTH

Toby, I appreciate your work here and on your newsletter, I have voted with my $.I urge all of you reading this post to donate to Toby's newsletter to help him cover the costs of producing his newsletter.


So I posed the question... What does Midex have that DLKM doesn't?Even as a one trick pony they may be able to raise $5 million in financing to explore Magembe, why couldn't DLKM?I like the fact that this "Russian" mining company has experience with diamonds.Is it simply a lack of history for Midex that gives them an ability that it seems that DLKM does not have... the ability to raise money?Is DLKM's reputation so bad that it cripples their ability to advance mineral properties with their only option to give up control?Placers are not that difficult if one pays attention to certain aspects of the deposit.

If not exploration then what business should DLKM be in then?What is a good business model for DLKM?Laurie indicated that exploration is what DLKM does best.If they are handicapped in some way either by reputation or lack of expertise or will, why should anyone become or remain a SH?I don't get it!!!IMO shareholders are best served if DLKM takes this dream property into production, AS PROMISED! WTF!

Companies with promising properties can raise money, i.e. Clifton Star Resources,Osisko, North American Gem, Galore Resources, Sola Resources, Azteca Gold, ATW Gold, Noront...on it goes.So what is it that has us thinking tht DLKM cannot raise money?Dilution is much preferable to losing control of properties, IMO.What does it matter if there are 100 million shares outstanding if there is 20+ million oz of gold to be had at Mkuvia (an underestimation in my mind).

Dilution and maintaining control, reaping the lions share of the value in the ground, is far more more attractive than dealing away control and leaving the profit for some other group of shareholders to have!A placer mine is far easier to exploit than a hard rock mine, what are they afraid of?

Gold is approaching the $1000 mark... what could be better than a low-cost placer property, in a country that has major gold mines i.e. experienced hands and an intense need for jobs?Where is the much touted influence with the Chinese?Did claims by a loose canon jerk really poison the water so bad that DLKM cannot refute the claims and regain credibility?It had an impact to be sure but a thorough vetting by BCSC certainly puts that episode to rest.

The NI 43-101 on Mkuvia certainly gives DLKM a strong hand IMO, why give control away?The $5 million that Midex may raise would put Mkuvia into production BIG TIME and put badly needed money in the bank... it wouldn't even take $5 million but 1/3 of that amount.What happened to the claims that Harp made that DLKM would have the property in production this summer now ending?His remarks brought in many new investors, is his word gold?To maintain credibility one needs to make good on promises.Is our collective memory so lacking?One has only the word of DLKM principals to base investment choices on, if they waffle or speak out of both sides of their mouth, what kind of confidence can one maintain?

MY opinion only, DYODD.

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