Positioned for Discovery in Windfall Lake Gold District

100% Interest in the Trove and East Barry Properties Adjacent to Osisko, Windfall, Quebec

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Durango Resources (TSX.V-DGO) (Frankfurt-86A1) (OTCQB -ATOXF) is an exploration company in search of a gold discovery in Quebec.

Durango’s land in the Camp demonstrates a high probability of having gold in the ground. The Trove and East Barry properties have seen multiple methods of exploration helping to guide and pinpoint areas that require drilling for gold. Durango has been guided expertly by both management, its technical team and its peers for the discoveries previously made in the Windfall camp.

Osisko dominates the land position and are responsible for the discovery of the Windfall deposit, which has expanded into a resource of 1.2 million ounces of high-grade gold and helped to create a new gold camp in Canada. Their deposit is world-class scale and Osisko shows no sign of slowing down exploration anywhere on their sizeable land position. They continue to encounter significant mineralization through drilling and used 19 drills in 2020, surrounding Durango with over 2.8 million ounces of gold.

Durango may be in the shadows of a larger entity, but that doesn’t make their properties any less valuable. Durango doesn’t need to be bigger to be better. The Trove and East Barry properties show high probability of having gold in multiple areas, the Discovery property has permits for 15 exploration drillholes and received drill permits for its wholly-owned NMX East Property located near Nemaska, Québec.

Durango is backed by a regionally experienced technical staff that have made their own discoveries in Quebec, and management that have purposely supported the company for this strategic land to have its moment. Durango aims to prove that bigger isn't always better, and that small cap exploration companies can make market grabbing discoveries.  2021 is the year Durango makes a discovery of their own in Quebec, aligning them with Bonterra, Osisko and Troilus for the markets attention.

Here are the 3 things you need to know


1.     Drilling at East Barry Returned Silver and Gold in Granite


The East Barry Property is located south of Windfall Lake and adjoins both Osisko Mining Inc. (TSX-OSK) and Bonterra Resources Inc. (TSX-BTR) in the Abitibi Greenstone belt which to date has produced over 200M ounces of gold. Durango wholly owns the 7,740-hectare East Barry Property which runs parallel to its wholly owned Trove Property at Windfall Lake, Québec.

The East Barry Property hosts a crosscutting fault system striking towards Windfall Lake lending the project great discovery potential.

The purpose of the initial East Barry drill campaign was to gain an understanding of the geology in the area and to identify the structure, dip, and fertility of the rock. The outcrop on the East Barry Property is limited and virtually no historical exploration has occurred on the property prior to the recent work completed by Durango. To date, knowledge of the area has been based solely on the geophysical surveys and till sampling completed by Durango.  

Previous till surveys identified a gold trend of up to 10 km with gold assays reaching up to 2.19 g/t Au

Durango’s exploratory drill holes were conducted as an initial step to help identify a prospective target for the source of the gold in the till, given the limited outcrop at surface.

2.  Wholly Owned Discovery Property

Durango owns 100% interest in the Discovery claims, which are adjacent Osisko Mining Inc. and are 60km away from Troilus Gold Inc.’s past producing mine. located on strike to the southwest of the past producing Troilus Gold mine owned by Troilus Gold Corp.  (TSX-TLG) and neighbours UrbanGold Minerals Inc. (TSXV-UGM). 

Durango’s technical team has prepared tentative summer exploration plan for the Discovery Property.

The 6,700-hectare project is geologically compelling and Durango has permits for 15 exploration drill holes. Prior exploration sampled 7.6 and 6.2 g/t gold surface samples previously obtained on the Discovery property. Durango’s exploration team plans to visit the Discovery Property in 2021.

The Company will provide more details and timing on the Discovery Property visit as they become available.

3. Technical Committee and Management Support

You can't make a discovery without people and know how to do it. The Windfall Camp has proven there is a tremendous amount of gold buried in the ground, with lots more to be found. Gold, however, doesn’t find itself. For that you need the people and know how to understand where to start looking before committing hard earned shareholder capital on expensive, sometimes, failed drill campaigns.

This is where Dale Ginn gets to help guide Durango. An experienced mining executive and geologist for over 30 years participated in numerous gold and base metal discoveries, many of which are in production today, including the Gladiator Deposit by Bonterra in the Windfall Camp. Dale has the prerequisite experience to coordinate and define an exploration program leading up to a discovery. He has done it before and may accomplish again with Durango.

Lastly, shareholders are thankful to have Marcy Kiesman at the helm of Durango. Ms. Kiesman has routinely supported the company and owns close to 16%. Ms. Kiesman is one of the leading ladies in the exploration business today and has put together an all-female management team positioning Durango toward Discovery, including the recent announcement of Ms. Joanna Cameron to its board of directors.

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