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Message: Interesting Post

Amid the fluff, I found this interesting post from Shadow at SH -

From the Mining Associates Technical Report on the Miwah Project. Note that there is enough money to fully define
the greater Miwah area without further stock dilution and that's a good thing. Life goes on and the shareprice will reflect what more drilling will reveal. Place your bets! Some folks might want to read:




You can find the whole 136 page report on SEDAR. It could severly strain some of the brains posting here, but it would be worth the effort if you have intellectual horsepower to comprehend it.


MA notes that it is the intention of East Asia to continue drilling at Miwah with the view to increase the

size and confidence in the resource.

The following recommendations have been made based on the technical review and the mineral

resource estimate for the Miwah Gold Project:

1. QA/QC procedures could be improved by the following:

a. submission of coarse and fine reject duplicate samples;

b. make full use of the gold and base metal standards to check silver and copper results

2. Expand resource to the north in the Moon River area;

3. Explore the potential continuation of lower lodes through to South Miwah Bluff;

4. Test the east and west extensions of the main block as defined in the resource;

5. Explore for satellite deposits with in the 5 km radius of the Miwah resource;

6. Update Miwah resource estimation increasing tonnes and confidence levels.

Work Program & Budget

East Asia has developed a US$ 4.1M budget for an on-going work program designed to upgrade the

resource category of the Miwah deposit, and outline extensions and new areas of gold mineralisation.

The specific objectives are to:

1. Expand resource to the north in the Moon River area.

2. Explore South Miwah Bluff and both the east and west extensions to the main block as

defined in the resource.

3. Explore for satellite deposits with in the 5 km radius of the Miwah resource.

4. Update Miwah resource estimation.

Miwah Budget – July to December 2011

Activity USD

Drilling (11,000 metres: 8,800m Moon River , 1,100 South Miwah

Bluff, 1,100m other). 1,300,000

Helicopter support 960,000

Assays 418,000

Metallurgical Studies 120,000

Miscellaneous costs (wages, training, travel, maintenance,

insurances, license fees, legal, social development, environment

and rehabilitation, camp support)


Total (including 15% contingency) 4,094,100

MA considers the budget reasonable for the work planned and sufficient to achieve the objectives in

the time frame.

Ian Taylor

Brisbane, Australia

Effective Date: 05 May 2011

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