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Message: Could the Rio Zarza project actually be bigger than ARU's Fdn discovery?

Could the Rio Zarza project actually be bigger than ARU's Fdn discovery?

posted on Sep 27, 2009 02:36PM

It is very informative what Ecometals have already released regarding their drill program. In particular the graphic on page 3/9 (of the link below) describing the Strike-slip stepover geometry in the schematic diagram showing pull-apart basin formation from stepover release structures in a strikeslip fault system.

If the geo's have properly identified the structure they are dealing with then it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Rio Zarza is the other half of the pull apart basin which also formed the FdN.

Look carefully at the graphic on page 3 here to get an understanding:


As mentioned, if the geo's understanding of the structure is right then it appears clear that the Rio Zarza anomalies are the other half of the FdN deposit when the pull apart rift was formed. Further geological understanding suggests that usually the Rio Zarza side of these geological pull aparts host the better mineralization as was relayed to me in an email recently by a company official.

The only way for Ecometals to prove this theory is to drill it up and that is what is exactly what is planned ahead. I also note that the original plan was for 3 holes and now I understand 5 holes are planned and will take 2 weeks per hole then 2-4 weeks for assays.

The potential for finding a major discovery here is as good as anywhere based on the geology we know thus far.

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