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Message: Hole # 2 underway

Hole # 2 underway

posted on Feb 17, 2010 09:31AM

1) They are now drilling hole # 2 through the "Stronger" IP anomaly which may contain gold but beyond that they are drilling down deeper into the Misahualli zone which is the same level that hosted the FDN discovery.

2) Look at the image in the link below it graphically illustrates what they are doing. The first hole drilled the "weaker" IP anomaly and I guess they liked what they saw and kept going deeper but fell short of the Mishauli zone due to the fact the drill was at its maximum extension. Compare the two surface topographies and you will see hole #1 at surface is higher than hole # 2 so that accounts for why they could not quite reach the Misahulli zone. Did the squiggles on the image "silification" have special importance in their report??

Image link: http://cjrs.ca/images/RZ-holes.gif

There is reference in the report to hydrothermal collar and vent volcanics. Apparently when the hydrothermal propulsion drives up the mineralization containing gold through the 'vent' it breaks through and does a lateral shift sideways and its my layman understanding that beyond whatever these anomalies may contain they may want to find the source then find the lateral extension and direction to the epithermal gold system.

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