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EcoPlus: A Solid Resolution to a Slippery Problem
Ecoplus, Inc. markets a technology (U.S. Patent No. 7,384,562) for the disposal of foodservice and food production generated brown grease, or fats, oils and grease (FOG), ultimately producing a high quality alternative fuel product.

The EcoPlus process technology converts sticky fats, oils and grease along with incorporated food matter into a solid, granular material. The granular material may be used as a soil amending agent in agricultural applications, and also, the solids have a green fuel value with a BTU content similar to coal. The product was large scale burn tested and can be used as an adjunct fuel, often with little or no significant modification to feed system or materials handling protocols. Some potential end users are:

  • Combined Energy and Waste Heat Plants
  • Conventional Steam Plants
  • Cement Plants

The EcoPlus technology has been used in commercial application since 2002 at a fully permitted plant in Charlotte, North Carolina. The plant processes the oils and grease from over 1,300 grease producers in the Southeast at a rate of over 200,000 gallons per month.

Whether you are a City, County, or Agency Manager or Director; Engineer or Consultant in wastewater issues; a Wastewater Plant Operator; or a Regulator, the EcoPlus system is a proven solution for your problems with FOG disposal. Plus, the final product’s value as an alternative fuel is a valuable bonus.

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