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Message: Welcome to the EIX hub

Welcome to the EIX hub

posted on Sep 30, 2008 12:41PM

I am going to take it slow. I have seen a few serious questions on other boards I hope I can get a number of good posters to participate. I can tell you I am an ear to the ground guy, but not big on fundamentals and such. I want to play EIX as a momentum play, so if you have insight/charting/technical experience it will be nice to hear from you.

Edison is going through a change over to a new accounting program and it is slow going. It seems as though there is some trimming going on in the corporate tree. EIX makes their money by trading long and short term capitol and investing. This has been curtailed by the new computer program and current events. If you look at the S&P the stock is following the current downturn in the market. There will be some major expenditures at San Onofre to do R&R on steam generators. Profits may be lower for awhile but I suspect that things will improve by the middle of next year aside from the S&P.

For the value people the P/E is 10.5 or so, not bad.

Good luck, Hondobud.

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