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Message: Hope new PR/IR hire soon

nickto, how many times do you need to repeat, if we don't get news, the stock will be dead and drift lower. You need to chill out or buy CSB's because you obviously can't handle the volatilty of penny stocks without driving other SH's nuts.

The only buyers out there at this time know the situation and are not chasing the ask. They keep lowering their bids and forcing anyone that really wants out to sell for less. They have the upper hand right now

The youtube video sure didn't paint a picture of a nervous company. To me, it was EFL telling us the combined product of non-NMP and the separator technology has created a phenominal battery second to none and they have already produced and tested it. The competitor testing results were interesting also.

Sankar was beaming. If he wasn't feeling absolutely terrific about the what they had and were doing, he wouldn't make a video like this. I think he did it because he can't contain his excitement. But, ... we will see if it is warranted, ... in due time.

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