Reporting substantial 26% revenue growth QoQ

Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. Profile


First Quarter 2022 Financial Highlights

  • Revenues were $1.6M, a 26% increase versus $1.3M in 4Q21, driven by the expansion of our toddler products across all channels, and the introduction of the new Kids Complete Nutritional shake product line.
  • Sales on increased 40% sequentially versus 4Q21, a strong acceleration from prior periods.
  • Else products are now sold in over 1,300 stores.
  • Cash balance as of March 31, 2022 was $19.8M (including restricted cash and short-term bank deposit).
  • The Company had no loans liability as of March 31, 2022.
  • Graduated to the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Why Else Nutrition?

  • Gives Small Cap Investors An Opportunity To Participate In Global Paradigm Shift Towards Plant-Based, Clean Label Foods For Toddlers & Children
  • 100% Plant-Based, Organic Toddler Nutrition Product 
  • Market Research Survey Finds Over 60% Positive Purchase Intent For Else Product
  • Fills A Market Gap In Plant-Based Toddler Nutrition (12-36 months)
  • Subsidiary Of Billion Dollar Hong Kong Listed Conglomerate (H&H) Owns Approx 11.6% Of BABY
  • H&H Shares Have Voluntary 12-Month Hold
  • H&H Right To Maintain 11.15% Ownership Through Future Financings
  • Patented World's First 100% Plant Based, Non-Dairy, Non-Soy Baby Formula


Here's What The Experts Say

"Finally a high quality, nutritionally-dense, tasty, plant-based alternative that is low in sugar.  Else is filling a much needed gap, and providing an alternative for those looking to avoid dairy or soy, and a viable option for intolerances and other diet considerations."

Nicole Silber, RD, CSP, CLC

Dairy-free, soy-free, plant-based nutrition for babies and toddlers

Else Nutrition (formerly INDI) won the "2017 Best Health and Diet Solutions" award at the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan.

The Product

Else Plant-Based Toddler Nutrition

Dairy-free | Soy-free | Corn Syrup-free | Gluten-free


Made with real, whole foods, it meets the highest standard for nutrition

  • Endorsed by US leading pediatricians and nutritionists 
  • Ingredients, vitamins & minerals to support your child’s growth and development
  • 92% whole plant ingredients (almonds, tapioca, buckwheat) 
  • Organic & non-GMO
  • Made by the cleanest process possible
  • Globally patented 


Clean Label Status

  • A consumer driven movement, demanding a return to real food and transparency through authenticity.
  • Food products containing natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce.
  • No artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

U.S. Manufacturing

  • Commenced its fourth commercial manufacturing run since July this year, and continues to build inventory to service the online and retail expansion in the U.S. market
  • Successful scale-up of production while maintaining a consistent and high-quality product is a major inflection point in the Company's go-to market strategy
  • As a result, Else will generate additional inventory to service the Company's expansion in the U.S. market as it rapidly expands into retail distribution, and scales its online sales

FDA & EU Regulatory Pathway

  • Company in conjunction with its FDA and EU consulting partners continues to progress on the regulatory pathway for an infant formula.

Health and Happiness International Holdings Limited

  • The Company's negotiations with its strategic partner, H&H Global, for distribution rights of the toddler and infant formula in France are advancing well
  • The parties are studying the target market needs, channels, and regulations, in addition to preparing a launch plan and negotiating the distribution terms.
  • Additionally, discussions regarding distribution in additional markets have also commenced.

Market Research

Results from a Broad U.S. Consumer Research Study, Including Strong Purchase Intent

Key Highlights

  • A U.S. Market Research Study of 1,858 statistically significant potential customers shows very favorable results
  • 82% of respondents indicating a favorable view of the Else product concept
  • Over 60% Purchase Intent of Else baby formula products.

Else Nutrition concluded a comprehensive U.S. customer study, conducted by Wizer, a leading market research provider. The study assessed the perceptions, needs and behavior of parents/caregivers regarding their children's nutrition, and their response to Else Nutrition product concept. The web-based survey of 1,858 prospective customers (who are the primary decision makers regarding household grocery purchases) spanned 13 major U.S. metropolitan areas, including NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland OR. All surveyed have a child between the ages of 3 months to 3 years of age.

The key findings showed that:

  • Over 82% (Top 2 boxes) of respondents react favorably to the Else brand concept
  • Over 60% (Top 2 boxes) of respondents indicated positive Purchase Intent for Else's baby formula products.
  • Both metrics show significant favorability compared to benchmarks for consumer goods products.

Additionally, the study confirmed an already known market data that 40% of current U.S. infant nutrition consumers buy a specialty formulation (i.e. medical/prescribed/ milk formula including  sensitive milk formula and soy formula) for their children. Else Nutrition's baby formula is the only non-dairy non-soy veritable alternative for this massive, US$2 billion U.S. specialty formula market.1Euromonitor International, September 2018, Baby Food in the US 

The Else Edge


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